Services that APAP Events Offer

Managing your Event as a whole we also provide the following in addition to make your event run smoothly.

Graphic Design

apap is an all inclusive advertising firm in Rockhampton, including graphic design. Whether it be for the local newspaper, a logo, flyers, business cards, television, at one point in time design is involved. The team at apap can and will create a design for you.

Every piece of marketing material you need should be designed to cater for your business and your services.

Graphic Design is the second step to advertising success.
First there is the idea, the thought, the nuts and bolts to your marketing campaign. Then the design comes in, design can be anything and with the comibined imaginations of the apap team, your marketing material will stand out from the rest. We do not believe in cookie cutter design and will strive to provide you with a design that goes beyond desktop publishing.


Are you trying hard to increase your sales and unsure what to do.

The answer is simple call apap, we have decades worth of experience in overseeing successful marketing campaigns from creation to completion.
Our marketing consultant can help you pick what day is best for you to advertise in the paper, what channel and during what show would suit you best for tv advertising, and the same goes for radio, other medias and mediums.

apap can create a marketing campaign for all budgets, that can see your chances of success increase.

apap have the resources for all your advertising needs, whether you require graphic design, voice over work for commercials or even your answering machine – YES we write Jingles, social media campaigns, websites and so much more.

Before you jump head first into advertising call apap the advertising agency that will create and manage your campaign and get the best result for your dollar, thats apap on 4926 4222

Television Commercials

Do you remember the Silly Solly ads? Everyone does. apap is responsible for that.

Those ads are over 10 years old and people still remember them. That is effective marketing through television.

The team at apap will handle everything if you want to put an ad on television. The idea, the booking schedule, the production of the ad. We handle it all.

Radio Commercials

How many times have you sat in your car driving along and before you know it your reciting a commercial word for word… That is effective marketing using repetition.

Radio isn’t of the past its still current in advertising, cost friendly and completely effective.

If your budget is tight but you wish to promote your business, event, gig or product, you should consider radio advertising. Australia has one of the largest personal car ratio’s around the world and that is especially true in rural areas such as Central Queensland.

You must also consider that you aren’t just targeting drivers, your ad will be heard by hundreds of multiple employee businesses who have the radio playing in the background all day.

No idea where to start? apap is where you start. apap have script writers that are experienced in marketing products in under 30 seconds. Once you are happy with your script we will proceed to sound production where apap have access to many voice over talents from young children to adults, foreign accents and your typical aussie bloke just to name a few.

We will also include music in the background of your ad, which is known to activate the cerebral process of memory. Science and marketing = SUCCESS.

So to quickly go over it again for your radio dollar you are getting scripts, talent, music, a little bit of science,  a large audience and marketing success.

Give apap a call today to get your business, event, gig or product on the radio apap!.
We are waiting to hear from you 4926 6422.

Sporting Events

Fundraising Campaigns

Do you have something coming up that you need funding for?

The team at apap are experienced in creating campaings for fundraising. Previous Campaigns

Hot Sticks – Hockey

apap successfully co-ordinated arguably the first true International sporting event in Rockhampton’s history. As Event Co-ordinator for the Minniecon and Burke International Hockey Test Series between the Australian Kookaburras and South Korea, apap assisted the Rockhampton Hockey Association in many ways including;

  • Sold sponsorship packages to local businesses and hockey supporters, raising over $100,000 in sponsorship;
  • Arranged design, production and distribution of elements of the sponsorship packages, such as sponsor passes, souvenir shirts and team photos for each sponsor;
  • Negotiated with all local media to attract the best possible sponsorship/deals from them, which resulted in over $70,000 worth of in-kind advertising;
  • Negotiated with ticketing outlets to source the best option, and liased with the selected outlet throughout the lead up to the event;
  • Attended to the applicable licenses and permits, ensuring that the required permits were gained and regulations were met (including liquor licensing);
  • Developed an event plan to ensure the tasks under the areas of marketing, sponsorship, facilities and catering were all accounted for and were delegated;
  • Attended regular weekly committee meetings, keeping the committee updated on all activities;
  • Designed all promotional material. This including posters, press ads, tickets, programs etc
  • and so much more

The coordination and promotion of the event has been credited for the event’s outstanding success.

The Red Rooster Corporate Tennis Challenge – Rockhampton Flood Appeal
The Red Rooster Corporate Tennis Challenge saw many businesses sign up to play tennis in order to raise money for the Rockhampton Flood Appeal. This event was held at the Victoria Parade Tennis Complex, and a great day was had by all. Some teams issued their rivals challenges through organised newspaper articles. There were raffles, coaching sessions and general play, with even a bit of shenanigans with some teams dressing up. From advertising to event co-ordination this day was arranged by apap.

Do you have a fundraising event that you need organised give apap a call on 4926 6422 or eMail us.

Social Media

Social Media is the newest and easiest way to get your name, your brand out there. It is also the fastest growing. It is a dawn of a new era for marketing.

Whether it be Myspace, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or blogging there are many ways to getting your name out there online. We can create custom graphics for backgrounds or advertising campaigns on social media.

Think it sounds great but you don’t have the time to sit on facebook all day.

We can manage your social media for you.

Keep your fans up to date with your sales offers and events.
Call the team at apap on 4926 6422 or eMail us.
We will get you amongst the social media savvy watchers.

Website Design

Having a website that works is a very important part of having a website. How it looks is another.

People are very visual beings and if your website isn’t pleasing to the eye they are less likely to stick around navigating around your site. And are then less likely to use your service as they will remember you as that site that just doesn’t look right.

As you can see from our service menu apap can do a complete website. From a website that is designed to suit your business to seo services and if you require an e-commerce website making your site your online shop.    apap have many years experience in creating effective eye catching websites. All our websites are designed from “scratch”, there are no templates when you deal with apap, as we believe that no one things fits all businesses.

Your online presence is important and is another limb in your corporate body.
Call apap today or email us for a website that works but also looks great

Website SEO

Just having a website is not enough anymore you need SEO which is Search Engine Optimisation.
If apap are creating a website for you from scratch we will naturally use as many strategies to optimise your website so that you get a higher search engine ranking then if you would just having a website that isn’t optimised.
With SEO there is a purely easy equation to bring you above your competition …

Content is key.

But if you have a website already and aren’t happy with you search results, apap can still help you. apap will tweak your content so that your search ranking results will improve. Sometimes your existing content just isn’t enough, apap will assess your existing website to see which strategy best suits your the optimisation of your site and proceed from there, sometimes this can result in a complete content re-write, this may seem daunting but it really isn’t all your important facts will still be there, just in a way that you stand out from the competition.

E-commerce Websites

Small Business or Established Business with products to sell?
Maybe you don’t have a shop front?

Go online, having an online version of your shop can increase sales. An online shop is open 24/7 creating a larger chance for sales then your general 8-5 retail hours.

The apap team can create you an eye catching, easy to navigate website that will help you get your products out there. We specialise in e-Commerce websites that are owner friendly so that you can manage your sales and your stock effectively, without having to know the fiddly code that makes your site run.

Promotional Materials

Anything to help bring your business or venture into the eyes of potential clients/customers is a positive venture for any business, band, group or individual looking to promote themselves.

Give away pens, business cards, calendars, erasers, stress balls, shirts the list can go on forever, it is only limited to your imagination and your budget.

There are alot of products on the market, supply and demand can make promotional materials quite cost effective, the more quirkier the more likely you will be in the potential customers mind for longer.

And when we say quirky we do not necessarily mean the item you put your logo on is a “piece of space rock from mars” but apap can play on your wording, your slogan, anything to make them go “ah that’s cool” will mean you’ve promoted yourself more effectively.

Call apap today to see what you can put your name on … 4926 6422 or eMail us.

Online Videos

As you have probably noticed from your own experiences online the internet is saturated with video content. There are many reasons why and as a business you are possibly asking yourself should I have videos online too?
The Answer is YES!

Whether you have a website, a social media page or none of the above, having videos online, even if it is just on Youtube, can only serve to improve your sales. It is another medium of getting you out there in a world that shares everything! If you have existing Television Commercials it will pay to get them online. Put them on your website, your facebook page, youtube, anywhere and everywhere.

With the creation of online videos one needs to be equally if not more creative then when creating Television Commercials. Give something for the online community to talk about, a reason to share your video, let it go viral.

You have heard the saying ;

Once it is online it is always online.

Let the world find you for years to come. You could be an internet sensation.

Just like Television Commercials apap creates Online Videos that will get your businesses name out on the internet and on the walls of your customers.

There are many positives with using online videos. Give the team at apap a call on 4926 6422 or eMail us to discuss the creation of your online video/s you will be surprised just what online videos can do for you when shared in the right places.

Video Production

Do you need a video/film clip made? apap can help.

apap have experienced script writers, and are proficient in production management, sound generation and producing the final cut.

Be it music, educational, for a presentation or purely commercial when you are wanting to create a video/film clip, you dream of a polished professional finish that will help promote yourself or your product. There is something about a professional finish that a simple power point presentation does not bring and when in the business or promoting it always pays to go the extra mile and do things the right way the first time. You no longer have to dream about that professional look, you can have it with apap.

Worried about not being involved… There is NO need to be, apap will not just take your concept and bust it out. We will walk through the process with you so that you are always involved.

Whether it be in a studio environment, with a green screen or in the field, apap has the experience and will manage the production of your video/film clip from the script to the cutting room floor.

If you have a video/film clip on your mind give apap a call or email us and see what our video production team can do for you.

Public Relations

Are you a local celebrity, a political figure, are you possibly new to the race and not sure how to handle the media or where to start? apap offer public relations management. We will help you get the exposure you need without you having to deal directly with the delivery of information to the media.

When you are a public figure peoples opinions matter. The good and the negative can effect you. With apap backing you up, we can help change the opinions the public have of you, your policies, your personal views.

We will target your audience/s and modify your public communications so as to achieve the maximum outcome per audience you aim to target.

Call apap today if you require some more information on what we can do for you on 4926 6422 or eMail us

Media Releases

Do you need a little publicity for your new store, your latest invention, an event or gig coming up? Have you considered a media release? A media release is essentially an article in the local paper, but an article with the intent to raise community awareness and to advertise.

The local papers are always interested in hearing about what is going on around their region, it is exactly what their readers want, therefore its what they need. A media release is the perfect way to get your name out there and have approximately 16,000 (for Rockhampton*) people read about you, your event, your store, etc…

apap have years of experience writing media releases for a myriad of purposes. Whether it is a local play, or a new store we will happily write the story that will get the public talking about you. An added bonus is when placing a media release with the local papers they sometimes ask for an image to go with media release and as they say a picture is worth a thousand words  and goes that much further to accomplishing the task at hand.

If a media release sound like what you need give the team at apap a call on 4926 6422  or email us