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          Marketing is a process of Communication with the intent to sell your products or services to the greater public.”

The SHORT of Marketing is what every business wishes to accomplish. And in its own way it is a successful equation


This method works but only for the few that stumble across a campaign suited for them

There is much more to the process. This is the TALL part of marketing, and it starts with four P’s.

PRODUCT – is simply the goods or services you wish to offer.

PLACE – Where is your product or service going to be? Do you have a shop front? Are you online? Are you a stall at the markets or a home show? HOW are you customers going to access you, your products , your services.

PRICE – Now price is a huge factor in whether the customer/client will buy your product. This is the first hurdle of advertising, if your product is priced inaccurately (and yes your price can be wrong), all the advertising in the world will not achieve the sales you are after. You will achieve a few sales but not the mass sales quota you would be expecting when you advertise.

In todays market, with the economy being in the state it is people will sacrifice the best option for a cheaper option. It is the GOOD, BETTER and BEST principle. The majority of the market can afford the BETTER option provided the price is right. So when thinking of products (not services) strive to give your customers a middle range product that has quality but is cost effective and will still allow you to make a profit. This is why, for example, supermarkets have their own brand amongst name branded products, they know their products are of good quality and the price is right so the shop brand will be chosen more times then not.

As for services, always offer the best at a competitive price, clients want the best service and expect it. Remember you are always the Best! and finally,

PROMOTION – How are you going to communicate with your customer? The answer is with Advertising.

Determining the methods best suited to you, your products and your services, per product, per sale event.

APAP are your advertising experts in Rockhampton, Central Queensland, always taking in consideration the 4P’s we will evaluate your products and services, determine your target market and create a custom advertising campaign to suit your budget that will not only allow you to personify success but actually achieve it.

There are many ways to reach the public through advertising. Here are a few examples;

    • Television Commercials
    • Radio Jingles / Commercials
    • Press Ads – both paper and magazine
    • Flyers and Brochures
    • Business Cards
    • Letterheads
    • Booklets
    • Promotional;
      • glasses
      • coasters
      • pens
      • stressballs
      • notepads
      • calendars
      • etc
    • Mail Out Campaigns
    • Fax Campaigns
    • eMail Campaigns
    • Websites
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Google products
    • Online Videos
    • Online Banners and click advertising
    • Online product listings via third party websites
    • Cross web link creation

And APAP do it all. Call APAP today for a consultation on how to market yourself, your products and your services successfully in Rockhampton, Central Queensland.